Wifi Extender For Game Lovers

Game lovers who certainly need a stable and uninterrupted internet connection are often in the frenzy because the received signal is not full because of the distance from the router, or where the router is located on a different floor than your gaming zone. Because of these requirements we recommend you use a best wifi extender for gaming that can help your router signal reach where you are, so you do not have to bother moving the router or move from your gaming zone.

What kind of Wifi range extender tools

Wifi range extender is a special tool or hardware that physically looks like ordinary wifi access point, there is antenna too and there are Ethernet plugs.

What are the functions of wifi extender

The main function of the wifi extender is to capture the wifi signal from the Wifi access point or wifi AP router then passes it back to the area around it.

What kind of function range extender or range enhancer.

Like this, for example, the wifi signal range from Access point router only up to 15 meters distance whereas if more than that distance wifi signal is no longer feasible to use.

So that the wifi client that is within 20meter can receive signals from the AP router, installed a wifi extender at a distance of 15 meters. Wifi range extender function is to capture the signal from the wifi AP router and then spread back to the surrounding area.

In this example, the ability of wifi extender to redistribute wifi is as far as 15 meter then wifi client which is 20 meter from wifi AP router can catch wifi signal. So the total range of wifi AP router with is Wifi range extender is as far as 30 meters. 15 meters from wifi ap router plus 15 meters from Wifi range extender.

Is Wifi range extender can be used as a wifi client.

Yes, because Wifi range extender is equipped with data cable connection. So Wifi range extender can only function as a client through cable connection instead of wireless connection.

Whether the Wifi range extender can function as a Wifi router

No, to be sure it might be able to check on the Wifi range extender product specification offered. But so far there is no product that offers three functions that are as Wifi access point and AP router as well as Wifi range extender in one hardware device the same.

Whether the Wifi range extender should be set too

Yes, it should be set up as well but not as complicated as wifi Access point router. For example setting IP address and so on.

Is the Wifi range extender to be used as a range enhancer only

No, Wifi range extenders can be used to amplify wifi signals in places that are difficult to reach by access point signals, such as in a corner of a house, in a thick-walled room or a blocked room with multiple layers of walls.

Where is an ideal position to place Wifi Extender

An ideal position for laying Wifi range extenders is between Wifi Access Point routers or APs with client wifi that can not receive signals.