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All You Need to Know About Networked Systems Security

Cyber attackers are now keen on attacking networked systems. This is particularly the case because attacking computers in a network can be easier as opposed to attacking standalone computers. As a result of this, therefore, it is paramount that networked systems are maintained on a secure platform so that no attacks are able to be successful on it. There are various things that can be done to warrant the security of a computer system as we shall discuss shortly.

The basic most network security feature that any company can adopt is what is called the user identification policy. The essence of the policy is to dictate the authorized times of system access and which users should be able to access the system on the set times. The policy should also define the use tiers which are based on user roles in the system. The top of the tier should comprise of the admins who are responsible for adding new users or modifying existing users. There can also be room for super users who are above the administrators and who should be charged with the tasks of conducting regular system audits.

The network access policy ought also to define the password policy. The police dictates the user login credentials that the system is going to accept for all the users in the organization. Because not all users may be informed on network security, password policy serves as a tool to sever this loophole. Execution of the policy should be done by putting into place systems that are able to restrict access to compliant users only.
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Authentication software can be installed to enforce password policies. These software are available from organizations that specialize in network security. By considering the company’s needs, the most suitable software can be bought to enforce the password policy. The software should be able to cater for as many password matrixes as possible to allow the users create passwords that are unique and hard for unauthorized users to guess.
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The password policies should also dictate the level within which information sharing is to take place. Users should never be allowed, for instance, to share system configurations to outsiders. Additionally, information that is outside the scope of the organization should not be introduced to the network by employers by the use of portable devices such as mobile phones since that could expose your systems to malicious software. Other important details that should be in the policy should also be guidelines on password validity, expiry and consequences that can be faced in case there are violations of the policy.