The Secret System that Saves

Emergency Notification Systems are a new relevant way to provide important emergency information or upcoming events. Emergency notification systems can be used to help with many different emergencies for any urgency level. Furthermore, emergency notification systems have helped students on a campus feel safer and allowed information to swiftly move to all students as needed. There are also emergency medical systems which uses a similar notification system to help with medical emergencies. This systematic way of providing information to a mass group of individuals to provide safe information can be used in many different ways and can even help companies keep employees safe which is very beneficial. These are just some of the many reliable ways that emergency notification systems can be used. There are also companies like Singlewire that can provide you with your own notification system to make sure you can keep yourself and others safe or informed.

Emergency Notification systems at Universities

Emergency Notification systems have played a key role in keeping students safe throughout the years. Ever since the Clery Act of 1990 universities are required to disclose crime and incidents on a school campus so the public can know the safety issues every university may have. In order to protect students, universities must learn how to make sure everyone notices mass messages and that students have a fast response time. According to research done by Wencui Han, Serkan Ada, Raj Sharman and H. Raghav Rao(2015), “The results from this study suggest that subjective norm and information quality trust are, in general, the most important factors that promote immediate compliance(p.909).” Moreover, this means building trust by providing quality information and making it a social norm to pay attention to emergency notifications can keep many students safe that would not be otherwise.

Emergency Medical Systems

Emergency notification systems that are used in the medical field are known as emergency medical systems. These are used to help emergency personnel have the right equipment and information if they are racing to transfer a patient. These notifications can mean life or death if the right information is not given to the right individuals. Furthermore, this has allowed research on how reliable these systems are. According to the Journal of Healthcare Engineering (2017),” the designed system was found to be efficient and effective as its reliability stood within 62.7% to 70.0% while its availability stood at 99% with a downtime of 3.65 days/year.” This is a great point to be at in 2017 just imagine how much vital information was missed in the past before the first text message.

How else can this be used?

Not knowing how important these notification systems can be can prevent many from noticing how to stay safe or be aware in many different types of situations. For example, it can also be used to keep people safe at work, focusing on weight loss, or looking to stay on schedule for reproductive health. Now, being so interconnected throughout our modern society there is no reason we keep each other safe and notified no matter the urgency.