Team Building Activities for Bigger Success

A successful team effectively works together, is more productive, and yields better results – not to mention is also fun, happier, and positive.

Team building can be a tricky job, especially if there’s more eye-rolling toxicity instead of high-five between mates. Whether it’s your job to put together an effective team or a personal goal that you want to achieve for bigger career success, carrying out team building activities and offering the right training at the right time is the key!

Set a Mutual Objective

Productive activities always work around a common goal. Whether you want to plan an off-site event or an on-site physical activity, know the purpose behind it.

In fact, make sure all the members involved are aware of why the task is being carried out. It’s your duty to ensure everyone’s on the same page and working towards active team building activities. Setting mutual objectives will help derive results.

Structure the Activity

Planning out sudden “happy hours” can offer break from work but does not necessarily guarantee team building. Structure out the event to ensure you are able to enhance both the relationships and skills of your team members.

Having a regular chill out period should be different from an activity you eventually want in favor of the organization. Make sure there are goals and challenges moving parallel for best results.

Consider the Comfort Zone

It’s better to plan out activities that are inclusive. If your team members are not comfortable with certain plans, the effort may fail. For example, if you are working with team members who are also parents to young children, a multiday corporate retreat may not be an enthusiastic idea for them.

Teammates who are physically weak or challenged will not participate in orienteering exercises. So consider these factors before planning the team building activities.

Offer Training and Additional Skills

Enhancing team connection and skills while conducting different trainings can be a win-win situation for the organization. Not only they will have an effective team that enjoys working closely, but they will also have additional skills and expertise.

For IT-related organizations, DevOps Training sounds like a great idea for all the benefits and skills it offers. On the other hand, organizations that are more project oriented can conduct various Project Safety Management Trainings.

Set Up Positive Activities Only

Team building exercises should always encourage positivity within the workplace. In order to encourage healthy competition, we sometimes tend to create enemies within the team. It’s imperative to ensure no activities encourage violence or in any way humiliate employees.

The overall objective of carrying out team building activities is to achieve bigger career and organizational success. By reinforcing negative emotions amongst the people, the objective can go all wrong. Save yourself from  a situation like that.


Use every chance to teach your team members something new. The activities should not always be social by natural. You can set up different programs, which involve their individual participation. Also, set an appropriate level of challenge that does not become too overwhelming for your team.

Stick to your and their comfort zone.