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How The Piqua Shawnee Tribe Have Been Living Since The Past The Shawnee people have been labelled as nomadic by the historians because they have found evidence proving that they moved from North America and settled in other places. Despite their migration and spread to various parts, the Shawnee tribe has been able to maintain the family unit. For a while, the Shawnee people have stayed in the state of Alabama. For that reason, some historians have argued that the Shawnee people have stayed in that place for a long period than any other place. Studies by some archeologists is that the Shawnee tribe inhabited the Alabama state first before the others. However, oral tradition states the Shawnee tribe have occupied Alabama state for the longest period. What proves their existence to long ago is the presence of burial sites of the Shawnee people. The Shawnee tribe was colonized by the European settlers, and this forced some of the nations of Shawnee to escape to other areas. Later the chaos subsided, and some families returned. A majority of families, however, chose to stay on the outskirts where there were no harassment by government officials and neighbors who were peaceful. Family stories and all the happenings since the beginning have been preserved because of the nature of Shawnee people loving to tell stories. Because of the background of telling family stories, the Piqua have lived and worked to maintain their exceptional legacy. The larger composition of the Shawnee people can be traced in other countries. The other members of the Piqua Shawnee are found in eight other states. The Piqua Shawnee organize for meetings with their other members so that they do not migrate far away from each other. There is a principal chief who enjoys the support of the villagers so that he can carry on the duties well. The affairs of the tribal government are determined by what the council dictates. The tribal council is made up of clan chiefs, clan mothers and a council of elders. The tribal council carries out its activities according to what the clan says.
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All the matters and problems that arise at the tribal council are shared with all the clans so that there are deliberated. Any matters that arose had to reach the clans, and this was so that when something happens, every villager is aware. A majority of Indian ladies wore long skirts while the men wore breechcloths. Except when there was a battle, the Shawnee maintained their hair long.History: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make