New Updates Make BIBI SPY Digital-Device Monitoring App Even More Powerful


BRNO, Czech Republic — Recent updates have updated new functions and features to both the Light and Professional versions of BIBI SPY, reported Bibi way s.r.o., the security software’s maker. As one of the most popular and powerful mobile tracking and monitoring apps, BIBI SPY offers users access to up to 160 different undetectable functions. From employers making sure that workers abide by company policies to individuals securing their own personal devices, BIBI SPY offers a huge range of monitoring features.

Recent updates to the software have expanded the capabilities of both the Light and Professional versions of the software, each of which is available under an affordable monthly subscription model. Full, updated features lists are available now at where visitors can also sign up for a free, ten-day trial.

“We created BIBI SPY with the goal of being able to meet the needs of any user,” a Bibi way s.r.o. representative said, “That means always listening to the feedback our loyal clients provide and finding ways to help them achieve their goals. We’ve recently added a number of new features to both the Light and Professional versions of BIBI SPY, making these products even more powerful and flexible. With 98% of respondents to our surveys reporting that BIBI SPY lives up to or exceeds their hopes, we think our customer-focused approach to development is really paying off. All that it takes is a quick visit to to learn about what BIBI SPY has to offer and sign up for a free trial.”

With the number of smartphone owners worldwide having topped the two billion mark last year, according to smsglobal, full-featured digital devices are now firmly a part of everyday life all over the globe. As some have discovered, however, putting so much power in the palm of a person’s hand can come with drawbacks. Whether because of a rogue employee using a smartphone to steal valuable intellectual property or an acquaintance misusing a tablet to cause more personal havoc, monitoring and controlling the use of digital devices has become a top priority for many.

BIBI SPY is a pioneering app that provides a huge range of digital device tracking, monitoring, and security capabilities. Since its launch as one of the first products of its kind on the market, BIBI SPY has consistently maintained an impressive lead over competitors while also offering some of the most affordable access options in the industry.

Thanks to new updates to the both the Light and Professional editions of BIBI SPY, the software has become even more capable than before. Completely anonymous and undetectable, BIBI SPY also works internationally. Those interested can learn more at the BIBI SPY website at

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As the maker of the BIBI SPY monitoring and security app for smartphones and tablets, Bibi way s.r.o. emphasizes innovation, effectiveness, affordability, and power.