All you need to know about web hosting

Web hosting is a way to display your website to the people all around the world. When you make your website, everything is on your computer. There is different software which can help you with website development. After developing your website, you need to host it so that people can view it on the World Wide Web. There are free hosting services which can help you. However, if you are running a large firm, you need to have your Best WordPress hosting on the internet because it will give a nice impression. There are following types of web hosting.

  • Types:

There are three kinds of web hosting. One is known as shared hosting. In this kind of hosting, the servers will provide you with the Best web hosting in which you can share your web traffic with other websites too. This shared website has its own benefits, but they give you less control over the content.

The next kind of web hosting is known as VPN or virtual private networks. They give you more access than the shared networks like domain name search etc. The other kind is known as dedicated services in which almost every control is given to the user and you can manage and handle everything on your own. You will have more control and power over everything. This is more costly than others, but provide you more benefits too.

  • Advantages and disadvantages:

There are few advantages and disadvantages of using the free web hosting services. One of the best advantages is that you don’t have to pay anything to publish your website. Everything is free for you. You don’t have to pay annual or monthly dues to keep your website running. If you are new to this world, this is the best thing for you as it will lessen your risk to lose your money on hosting. When you think you can handle the traffic on your own, you can switch.

There are other disadvantages of free web hosting as well. As we all know that nothing comes for free. This means that the web hosts must have something that they will do with your website. Well, many web hosts take the money and put an advertisement on the free websites. This means that if you are availing their services, there is no way you can avoid this from happening. They can put advertisements on your website and this can influence the traffic too. People get frustrated by different ads and they might quit visiting your website. So, cheap WordPress hosting can be harmful to your business this way.

Similarly, you are limited to the designs which are available on the website. You are also given less space on the internet as well. This means that if you have big videos and heavy files and images on your website, there is no way they can be run. Either you have to compress it or delete them from your website to make it work.