Making Use of a Classroom Communication App

As a teacher, you want to keep everyone on board of changes to schedules and assignments. Unfortunately, in the past, the only option that you had was to send out emails. The problem with emails when it concerns your classroom is that you’re talking to one student at a time, and they might not even check their emails regularly because it’s not integrated into their mobile app. This is the reason so many teachers and classrooms are switching to what is known as Class Dojo, which is a classroom communication app.

What is a Classroom Communication App?

The app acts similar to a chat room, but it is specific to the classroom. This makes it a safe and comfortable environment for students to talk about assignments, get help from teachers and speak with one another about different school-related activities. The app is continuously monitored to ensure that rules are not being broken and that teachers are on board with the students asking the questions.

Why You Need It

The reason you need this type of app is because it’s mobile-based, making it effortless for students of all ages to make use of while on the go. They will receive alerts on their phones and tablets if a chat session is happening and when they need to speak with a teacher. This prevents the confusion of sending emails and hoping that the students are seeing them. Plus, the app is safe and monitors regularly for profanity and other problems that might come as a result of students having access to a live chat room. Students can be banned from using the program if they are found to be breaking these rules.

How to Use

The program is integrated into your student’s mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. This means that they do not have to purchase a program on their own or download an app from a store. Once integrated, your student will be prompted to create a username and password to have full access to the chat room. You will then receive an alert for when a student is asking a question or otherwise needs help.

Finding the Right Program

There are tons of communication programs available, so you need to look for one specific to classrooms. These programs make it effortless for students to have a clean and safe environment among other students and their teachers. These programs are relatively inexpensive and can fit into most classroom budgets.

Integrating It Into Your Classroom

The best way for you to integrate it into your classroom is through Bluetooth technology. You should also save a few minutes to teach your students how to make use of this brand-new program so that they can be sure it is being used correctly. If you do not teach them enough, you’ll notice that they are not using the chat feature as often as they should or as often as they would like to use it.