Is “Content Still King” and Where is Content Going in 2017?

Marketers have heard a lot of clichés in the time in relation to certain tropes in web marketing. “Content is king” may be one of the most popular, but it does not mean it isn’t true. As many say, a cliché has some strong basis in truth, and content sometimes is the king.

No matter what anyone may argue, content is what brings visitors back to a page, and it is what keeps them there initially. A page without any content is weak and will only attract the diehard viewers who are absolutely enamored with the brand. Imagine a web page that only has thumbnails of available products to buy? It won’t take long for a visitor to see what available, click away, and never return. There was just nothing there. Even if they were a fan of the products, what else could they do? Could they read about the products on the site? No, there isn’t any content. Could they visit a message board on the site or scan through extra pictures. No, there is no content for them to do so with.

In all, content is king for a reason. This is not to say that content has remained stagnant because it has evolved tremendously. In 2017, content comes in many forms. The most standard version of content is a written article. It still works wonderfully because it is universal and non-intrusive. This is being read, after all.

But, content has evolved to include media clips, videos, social media read-through’s, and any combination of these types of pages. It is not confined to the written word, as effective as that can be. There is a whole assortment of content to sift through, and it is becoming a thrill for content developers.

Content can go just about anywhere where traffic is desired. Content is anything but stagnant, as it is the one area that is always be reworked and recapitalized depending on the needs and wants of the visitors. For a big look on where content marketing is headed in 2017, visit The link covers what has happened and what is going to happen in the development of excellent content.