How to Fix Slow Computer Problem?

How to Fix Slow Computer Problem?

Is your computer taking too much time to boot up? Or do you need to wait long time to get response from an application? Slow computer is a very common problem which all the computer users experience. There are many reasons for which computers slow down over time. Lack of proper maintenance is one of them. There might be virus issues as well. Sometimes due to operating system issues also reduce the speed of the computer. To fix slow PC problem, you can consult a computer repair services company.

It is commonly seen that registry errors, useless junk files mostly stop the computers to perform at its best. Although it is not so easy for an average computer user to speed up a slow computer yet there are some simple things which could be done to troubleshoot slow PC Problem.

The first thing you should do is to uninstall the unnecessary programs. It is commonly seen that computer users install many programs but they hardly work with those software. So, ultimately these programs take up valuable memory and slow down the computer. Go through the program list and check the programs which don’t use at all. Uninstall them one by one from your computer.

To make your computer perform at its best it is very important to have updated programs. First make sure that the Windows operating system on your computer is up-to-date. Although it is always recommend to turn on the automatic updates, but if not then turn it on and install the latest updates and patches.

According to MICROSOFT, “If your PC is slower than normal at performing routine tasks, you may have spyware.” Spyware is a small program which is used by the hackers to steal information about your internet activity. If the PC performance decreases significantly, it might be possible that there is spyware on your computer. You should remove Spyware and other Malware for better performance and protection. Install anti-spyware and anti-malware programs.

Virus infection is another common reason for which PC performance decreases. Viruses are small programs which are being installed without your knowledge and eat up resources on the computer and gradually slow down the PC. It is a must to install an antivirus software program on your computer. If it is already installed, probably it’s not updated for long. For the best protection, the virus definition of the antivirus software needs to be updated. Turn the automatic update option on so that it could install the updates on its own. If you are using trial version of the antivirus, go for the full version for complete protection. Run complete scan and kill all the viruses and you will notice a significant improvement on PC performance.

These are some simple things which you could easily do to speed up your computer. You can also get computer tech support from an expert.