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Things You Should Know Before Polishing Marble

Polished marble has a striking appearance that you will definitely love to see in your home or commercial property. While marble floors have become popular, they require proper care to maintain the good looks. Polishing marble is a time consuming process that needs to be done patiently in order to get good results. Large scale marble polishing is not a small feat hence you should contact a professional if you aren’t aware of the process.

Understand the effects of polishing and how it is to be done to get a good result before you actually begin the process. To get a perfect finish, you should have the right tools and skills needed for the job. You can implement two major methods when it comes to polishing marble. All these methods have their own way of accomplishing and each has a different result. A professional stone polisher knows which method to choose for a particular floor and you should make up your mind too in advance.

The first method is referred to as vitrification and involves a two-step process commonly known as the sandwich process. This processes requires an acidic solution to be added to the marble and left to react with the calcium. A buffing machine fitted with steel wool pads is then passed carefully on the places where the reaction has taken place to create an excellent finish. The entire section needs to be worked on evenly to create a beautiful and even surface.
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While using this process, you should note that the spray usually contains an element that will alter the surface of the stone first. Although this process is not reversible, don’t tense since it takes place in order to make to stone floor stronger. Once this process is complete, a wax solution is applied to seal the results of the process in. While this process is effective, it has its own drawbacks. These include airborne steel wool particles that are hazardous and weaken the structure of the stone.
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Crystallization is another common process used in polishing floors. Although it is almost similar to vitrification, it makes use of powder and not a spray. During the process, the powder is rinsed away leaving the tiles clean and without any wax-build up or an acid residue. Despite the superior result it produces, this process is challenging hence needs the services of a professional. The method you will use to polish your floors and the abrasives is not easy to choose hence you need to make a choice carefully. The best abrasives you can use on your project, be it commercial or residential, are diamond abrasives.