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The Evolution of App Development

Mobile phone applications were not a big hit, until Apple came along with the iPhone. There has been some before, but those were totally different from what we have gotten accustomed to. No the proper app store had been instituted. Apple revised this trend, thereby making the iPhone a revolutionary gadget.
Apple was the first company to give us a phone which we could go to the app store with. They were the first to see the profit in allowing their customers to make some apps, and showed them how, so that more people used these apps, the demand for their products increased. More and more people would be holding an Apple device. Most of the existing apps had been embedded into the pone by the manufacturer. The The manufacturer had to factor in their cost and development. Apple’s The solution worked in everyone’s favor.
In the last decade after the iPhone launch, smartphones are all over the place. You will find some very powerful feature phones around. These specs across most phones do not vary much, thus enabling app developers to make apps that can be used on any of them. There can be seen new ways in which app development will continue to be relevant in days to come.
The major brands and outlets have an accompanying app. Those serve different purposes, such as a home delivery service for the fast food restaurants. Small Businesses cannot be left behind. They have found new ways of gaining more customers while retaining the existing ones through such apps.
There are profits to be made from augmented reality. It is the blending of a virtual plane in the real world. It serves to enhance what a user is viewing. This technology has always been very expensive to use. It is now possible to implement this technology through mobile phones. The best case study is Pok?mon. While there are a lot of improvement areas, it has proven to be a potentially lucrative field to invest in.
There is still more opportunities in the manufacture of apps to make apps. There are a few currently running. They can even test such apps before being released to the public. App Developers have to consider this fresh market. Similar websites can also be found.
High end phones come with some serious computing power. There are some that compete with the best laptops. Not everyone can afford those. The solution lies with cloud-based computing. Using cloud storage is cheaper since data charges are on the decline. Users are now utilizing the computing power of such servers. The cloud services apps shall increase in demand as a result of this.
By December this year, there shall be a $77 Billion made from apps alone. With such revenues expected, app developers are poised to reap a lot. These apps will be required by more and more businesses to support their value adding efforts.