Appreciate Technology and Its Inventors

Nowadays technology has made it possible for anything to happen. According to, for the first time an actual robot was used to perform an eye surgery. Eye surgery requires extreme precision and by using this robot, the robot was able to achieve more accuracy to remove membrane growth on the retina. Even the most skilled doctors make mistakes and commonly cut too deep in the eye causing other eye issues. By using the robot, they were able to achieve more accuracy because the robot is programmed to make accurate, fine and precise cuts. Years ago, we never imagined that doctors would allow a robot to take their place in serious surgeries. It is important that we acknowledge the importance of technology and how it helps human beings today. Technology could be the reason that someone lives or dies. Appreciate technology and its creative inventors by supporting them in their research in any way possible.

There are many ways to support technology and its creative inventors. One of the ways to support technology is by funding. According to, they believe that invention is power and that we need to help the next generation by inspiring and enabling which could lead to helping the economy as well as other countries around us. There are many different research groups out there that don’t have the necessary funds they need to continue their research in advanced technology. You do not have to spend a fortune donating money that you do not have. But what you can do is find out what groups out there are in need and you can help with hosting fundraisers or getting the word out somehow. Get creative and find ways to help inventors receive the funding they need. As you can see, there has been such an amazing advancement in our technology today. From robots assisting doctors in surgery, to robots being able to diagnose diseases and cancers within minutes, the list continues to grow of all the things that technology has allowed humans to do.

Human beings heavily rely on technology and the inventions that man has created. For example, the invention of the light bulb. Can you imagine life without light? Can you imagine living in your home with a bunch of old fashioned candles everywhere? Life has evolved so much over the past decades it is truly amazing. There have even been inventions of having temperature-controlled coffee mugs that we can control all from our smartphone. The technology continues to advance as every years passes. Try looking up this Inc article about inventors. You will find so many different articles on how much technology has advanced and what they have done. You will be amazed on how much you think you know that you do not know.

Again, technology has been the reason that many Americans are even alive today. We need to realize that human beings heavily rely on technology to be great and to be better. Without technology, we would not be able to perform a lot of the things we do now.