After Companies Remove Ransomware, Penetration Testing Can Spot and Close Vulnerabilities

Far too many businesses today have faced the unpleasant prospect of having to remove ransomware from their most important computers. A single ransomware attack can cause millions of dollars in direct damage, with harm to a company’s reputation and relationships often following, as well.

While being able to recover from an infestation of ransomware will always be important when one arises, becoming a more difficult target to hit can be even more productive. Many companies have discovered that effective, informed penetration testing can make a real difference, whether in the aftermath of a successful ransomware attack or beforehand.

Security Professionals Swap Their White Hats for Black to Benefit Their Clients

Penetration testing has been around for many years, but its value has become a lot more widely recognized since the recent surge in ransomware infections. With the permission of their clients, penetration testers assess corporate networks just as hackers would. Looking for any vulnerabilities that might be found and then doing their best to exploit them, they paint a realistic, comprehensive picture of just how secure a given network might be.

The discoveries they make along the way can then be used to make focused, grounded progress. Instead of spending money on vague, generalized security plans and measures that might still leave gaps of their own, companies that make use of such services benefit by building upon the assets they have in place. With weaknesses pointed out and then fixed, the entire structure becomes a lot stronger.

A Worthy Weapon to Wield in the Fight Against Ransomware

While there are other tools that most businesses will want to use as they struggle to secure themselves against ransomware, penetration testing should not be overlooked. The average company will want to have a well-tested backup system in place, along with software protection that can intervene when employees open dangerous email attachments.

At the same time, investing into penetration testing on a regular basis can be every bit as productive. Doings so will give a business the ability not just to guard against well known attacks, but also to be prepared for those to come in the future. Given the stakes involved in the average ransomware infection, the value of this kind of protection cannot be overstated.