Why Hire a Recruiting Agency to Fill Executive Vacancies?

Large corporations and businesses use recruiting agencies to find talented and experienced candidates for top management and executive positions. The practice not only saves time and money, it provides access to professionals from all over the world. Agencies have a data base of possible candidates from which to select for initial interviews. This expedites the process and allows the business to focus on moving forward.

New Searches

If there are no candidates in the data base who are ideal for the vacant position, a new search is launched. Recruitment professionals scour the industry, as well as similar industries, to find talented people. They seek to attract candidates via discrete advertising, reaching out to contacts, and conducting new interviews. All presented candidates will have had background checks, education and experience verified, and were chosen because the meet the criteria established by the business.

Smaller Businesses

Small and medium business owners are less likely to use recruiting agencies, which may be a critical mistake. Any business wishing to remain relevant, compete in an ever-increasing global market, and meet strategic goals needs talented professionals in top positions.

Review the total costs in time and money it took to find the last executive hired. Speak to some recruiting agencies to determine the cost of hiring one. Select an agency to fill the next top level vacancy and compare the two experiences.

Finding the Right Agency

Which agency will suit the needs and preferences of the business depends on a few factors. Many management and executive position duties are similar among industries. The duties and responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the retail industry are not much different than those in the manufacturing industry. An agency that provides recruitment for all industries will probably suffice.

Highly technical industries, those that encompass several different aspects, and international companies will want to find an agency that specializes in the industry of the business. Such an agency, such as VALiNTRY, will have recruiters who understand the specific needs of each industry of specialty. Health care, information technology, and aerospace are a few examples of highly technical and far-reaching industries. The duties of a CFO in a hospital will be much different than those of the same position in a medical research facility.