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Understanding How to Install Software Silently

What is the meaning of Silent Installation?

Silent installation means the process of an installation that does not need user installation, it means that the installation will be processed automatically with only one click to process the installation.

Before we make Silent Installation Software, we should first understand what is software silent install. For those who already know, it can be easy to make, but for those who do not know anything yet, it can be tricky for them.

Silent install software allows us to install software in silent mode which means when the software is executed (click 2X) it or opened. For Silent Install, it will be installed automatically without having to click next, next, next, install, finish and so on. With this silent software install we can save more time and energy, especially for computer technicians.

We can use any ways to Create Silent Install Software, but some ways are filled with lines of code / script that for the newbie is not easy to understand. In Tutor Create Silent Install Software that you read now will discuss about how to Create Silent Install Software with SFX Maker which we will discuss further in the next post. This way I think is easier to do though by us newbie.

Actually, not all software can be made into a silent installer depending on the compiler executable (.exe) software was created. The most common / widely used compiler can see the list below:

  • MSI packages
  • InstallShield
  • Microsoft Visual C ++
  • Package for theWeb
  • Wise InstallMaster
  • Inno Setup
  • Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS)
  • Ghost installer
  • Microsoft hotfixes and older packages
  • Rar Sfx Archive

Until this article is created, the software that I managed to make silent installer is software that is compiled with the compiler in the Bold on the list above. Even so, not solely all compilers in bold above can be made silent installer for example Adobe Reader X in the compiler using Microsoft Visual C + + can not be made silent install while Picasa v3.9 which is also in the compiler using Microsoft Visual C + + can we create silent installer. Likewise for other compilers.

So, whether or not it is a rear business. The important thing is we will try to make silent software installer on KoodiPC post next about Making Silent Install Software with SFX Maker.…

Learn Hadoop Platform For Maintaining Your Data

A useful and active data platform that simplifies and permits for the distributed processing of huge amount of data or a number of data sets is Hadoop. By using this platform, an organization or an individual can maintain a number of data sets across a group of clusters and servers. This effective and dynamic platform is introduced and maintained by Apache and it is called by the name Apache Hadoop. The Hadoop administration classes will provide you the technical knowledge which is required to maintain a Hadoop cluster in both development and production environment.

Big data and Hadoop training provide the basic concepts of Hadoop cluster and Apache Hadoop. Participants will obtain a thorough knowledge to configure, maintain and deploy a Hadoop cluster and to move through the Hadoop system efficiently. In this, participants will learn how to configure backup options, and diagnose and recover node failures in a Hadoop Cluster. Similarly, participants will be able to address the challenges in Big Data and cloud services. Through this big data and Hadoop learning, software professionals those who are new to the Hadoop platform can easily learn cluster administration.

What will participants learn?

  • A basic introduction to Apache Hadoop and MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Learn how to build Apache Hadoop architecture
  • Learn about HBase Administration, Pig, and Hive
  • Learn about the configuration and deployment of clusters
  • Populating HDFS using Apache Sqoop
  • Learn about the management and monitoring tools and job scheduling
  • Learn about the concepts of Hadoop clusters
  • Learn how to maintain Apache Hadoop in production
  • Installing and managing other Apache Hadoop projects
  • Diagnosing, tuning and solving Apache Hadoop issues

What are the benefits of learning Hadoop?

By taking Hadoop classes participants will

  • Able to use Apache Hadoop to construct powerful applications to analyze Big Data
  • About the Hadoop Distributed File System the HDFS
  • How to setup, monitor and manage Hadoop cluster
  • The fundamentals of Apache Hive, how to install Hive, run HiveQL queries to create tables, load data etc
  • Understand the Apache Pig, Pig Latin scripting language
  • Learn about Apache Sqoop, how to run scripts to transfer data between Hadoop and relational databases
  • Understand the basics of Apache HBase, how to perform real-time read/write access to your Big Data
  • Able to deploy Hadoop on cloud

Who can learn Hadoop?

The powerful Hadoop platform can be learned by

  • Students
  • Database admins
  • System Administrators
  • Software Architects
  • Data Warehouse Professionals
  • IT Managers
  • Software Developers those who are interested in learning Hadoop Cluster Administration

This is also learned by individuals who have a basic knowledge of Linux.Similarly, those who know algorithms and computer science can also learn Hadoop. There is no existing knowledge is required for learning Hadoop. The biggest advantage of learning Hadoop is, participants wpill be able to work efficiently with Hadoop and big data. This is because Hadoop incorporates some concepts of big data management.


Tidying Up On-Page SEO For Prosperity

A large part of success online stems from the proper SEO strategy. SEO is such a broad term these days that it’s nearly re-defined with new services by the hour. Innovation is an ongoing process in this area. However, some things about SEO strategies have “stuck” over the years, and one of those things is the all importance of On Page SEO. On page SEO is a kind of SEO that deals specifically with the pages within a website. Each of those pages can be optimized for search engines so that you rank higher in search results.

There are many things that count as ranking factors on a specific page. Page content itself, keywords, and meta tags are just a few of the things that are on the page which might determine how well a site ranks. Scrips sometimes factor into this, too. Sometimes the page is designed in a way that is counterproductive to search engine success. It might be highly readable for human readers but a search engine spider, which indexes and ranks web pages, might be confused by outdated scripts or broken links.

The SEO audit is a tool that most people use in the beginning of their optimization efforts. For those site owners who are new to the world of SEO, it’s incredible how much people don’t know about how search engines index and rank websites. When you get started, you’ll need the SEO audit to gain insight into where your site is lacking in SEO elements (have a peek here).

The SEO audit does one major thing for you: It lets you know how optimized your page already is before you get started on making adjustments. If your site is already optimized for your keywords, you might not need to make many changes. If you find that your site is a mess of broken links, bad scripts, and unused keyword opportunity, then you might want to hire a good SEO company to sort through the mess for you.

On page SEO is incredibly important to the majority of SEO services. They realize that above and beyond anything else, it is your content which attracts both search engines and visitors. If your page isn’t optimized for search engines, visitors never find the site, and if the site isn’t optimized for visitors, visitors don’t come back and give you return traffic. A good SEO audit is going to pinpoint areas where you need improvement. Then the service you hire will execute your campaign and make the changes you need to rank higher in search engines.

Your on-page SEO is always going to be one of the most important areas to focus on in your SEO campaign. It’s what is on each page of your website that is of value to your visitors and by extension the search engines that want to provide valuable results to their users. Once you’ve got good on page Hamilton SEO set up, you can then move on to other more specialized areas of SEO campaigns.…

Wifi Extender For Game Lovers

Game lovers who certainly need a stable and uninterrupted internet connection are often in the frenzy because the received signal is not full because of the distance from the router, or where the router is located on a different floor than your gaming zone. Because of these requirements we recommend you use a best wifi extender for gaming that can help your router signal reach where you are, so you do not have to bother moving the router or move from your gaming zone.

What kind of Wifi range extender tools

Wifi range extender is a special tool or hardware that physically looks like ordinary wifi access point, there is antenna too and there are Ethernet plugs.

What are the functions of wifi extender

The main function of the wifi extender is to capture the wifi signal from the Wifi access point or wifi AP router then passes it back to the area around it.

What kind of function range extender or range enhancer.

Like this, for example, the wifi signal range from Access point router only up to 15 meters distance whereas if more than that distance wifi signal is no longer feasible to use.

So that the wifi client that is within 20meter can receive signals from the AP router, installed a wifi extender at a distance of 15 meters. Wifi range extender function is to capture the signal from the wifi AP router and then spread back to the surrounding area.

In this example, the ability of wifi extender to redistribute wifi is as far as 15 meter then wifi client which is 20 meter from wifi AP router can catch wifi signal. So the total range of wifi AP router with is Wifi range extender is as far as 30 meters. 15 meters from wifi ap router plus 15 meters from Wifi range extender.

Is Wifi range extender can be used as a wifi client.

Yes, because Wifi range extender is equipped with data cable connection. So Wifi range extender can only function as a client through cable connection instead of wireless connection.

Whether the Wifi range extender can function as a Wifi router

No, to be sure it might be able to check on the Wifi range extender product specification offered. But so far there is no product that offers three functions that are as Wifi access point and AP router as well as Wifi range extender in one hardware device the same.

Whether the Wifi range extender should be set too

Yes, it should be set up as well but not as complicated as wifi Access point router. For example setting IP address and so on.

Is the Wifi range extender to be used as a range enhancer only

No, Wifi range extenders can be used to amplify wifi signals in places that are difficult to reach by access point signals, such as in a corner of a house, in a thick-walled room or a blocked room with multiple layers of walls.

Where is an ideal position to place Wifi Extender

An ideal position for laying Wifi range extenders is between Wifi Access Point routers or APs with client wifi that can not receive signals.…

Top 5 Plugins For Any New WordPress Website Design in 2017

With over 29,000 available plugins on WordPress’s database (to date), how do you know which ones will benefit you, your business and your website? We need to be a little more realistic about this figure! Out of these 29,000 I’m guessing a good 60% of those are even poor or completely forgotten about my the author, meaning they haven’t been updated for a long time.

Every new WordPress website design is built for a purpose. It can be a simple personal blog to a full blown eCommerce platform selling 1000’s of products. But which plugins are essential and should be included in ALL newly build WordPress websites?

We have researched and collaborated with SixtyMarketing who build 1000’s of WordPress website each year to get their opinion on what are the essential, top 5 plugins for any new WordPress website design for 2017 and why you should use them. Out of these top 5 plugins, 4/5 of them are free!

WP Rocket – $39

WP Rocket is a caching and performance based plugin to improve load speed and user experience on a WordPress website. With many caching plugins on the market, this one stands out a mile! For many years we used W3 Total Cache and kept finding multiple errors in performance and load speed.

We replaced WP Rocket on 10 clients websites as a trial to see what results we would get. All websites loaded quicker with most loading twice as fast. The Google Page Speed score increased to A, as did on Pingdom and on GT Metrix.

Over 3 weeks, websites saw and increase in search engine rankings. Especially on mobile searches.

There are many settings to choose from in WP Rocket with helpful tips for each individual setting. They provide excellent support if you are having problems choosing the right settings for your website.

It is important you remove any other caching plugin from your site when running this plugin. A lot of hosting companies advise you to use. WP Super Cache for a WordPress website, this is only because it makes life easier for the hosting company due to the lack of features, not because it is a better plugin.

For the price tag of $39 per year it is well worth the cost. If you consider it as part of your hosting outgoings, its a lot easier to accept paying for a performance related plugin.


Duplicate Post – FREE

Does exactly what it says on the tin! It duplicates pages, posts, testimonials and any other WordPress built section within your site. This plugin saves tons of design hours for every new WordPress website design.

On average, a 10 web page site has 4-5 different layouts for there web pages (eg, home, about us, services, testimonials and/or FAQs & contact us). Most websites today for SEO or user experience purposes need to have more content throughout the site. This means creating additional pages such as a sub section of a service. Instead of spending more development time creating a new layout for this page, you simply us the Duplicate Post plugin to clone one of your existing pages and hey presto, a template web page for you to drop new content and images in!


Imagify – FREE

From the people that bought you WP Rocket, say hello to Imagify. This plugin compresses images uploaded to a website, decreasing the data size, which allows web pages to load a lot faster.

Images are one of the main causes for slow load speed and if you are not aware of SEO, load speed and performance, your images could be the downfall of your WordPress website.

The typical reduction of per image (if you are unaware as mentioned above) is around 83%. This means that a single image you upload to a web page should be 83% smaller! What if you upload 8 of these images per web page? Thats a huge drain on your hosting resources and disk space, which will have a knock on effect for your entire website loading slowly!

Imagify is 100% and you receive 1GB a month worth of images to reduce. there are paid versions if you require over 1GB per month or $5 per GB on the free plan. You are required to create a free account through Imagify as you need an API to keep track of your monthly usage.


Yoast SEO – FREE

Yoast is the back bone for any WordPress websites onsite SEO. This plugin covers absolutely everything you need to have a website looked at properly by Google in order to rank for targeted keywords. Please note, that this is NOT the only factor to rank on the first page of Google! Using Yoast only sets the foundations down for your entire SEO …

Why information processing should be considered sacred

With the internet enjoying its youth, man has decided to exploit the platform to safe guard the most precious element of human existence; information. Information, in any form, no matter how small, is the basis of human advancement.

An apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head and he decided to investigate the incident, after he processed his thoughts, he deciphered and penned the information to substantiate his Law of Gravity for fellow physicists and mathematicians to verify. Professional information processors such as lecturers and journalists needed to take this complex phenomenon and process it even further for us mere mortals to understand.

Simply put, information processing is the act of taking information and presenting it in a manner that is understandable to the receiver. If you have ever explained a concept to a person by accurately simplifying it, you served as an information processor.

But who safeguards the accuracy of this information? Those who feel ethically and morally compelled to do so, that’s who. Surely, there are professions that are focussed on information processing such as media practitioners and academics but everyone can be a legitimate information processor. This requires hard work, though. You must be clued up on a specific matter.

With the rise of the internet, we all have access to information. We have the explanation to all discoveries in various media, in the palm of our hands or printed on paper. It is how you interpret this information that makes a difference to wide-spread human ignorance. Should you decide to take on the role of a teacher, even for a brief moment in casual discussion or debate, be sure to actually know what you are talking about. If you’re not educated on a matter, take out your phone and consult the internet for the most credible source to answer your query.

You will be respected more for acknowledging your shortage of information than rambling on about an issue you know nothing about. We are not walking encyclopedias, but we do have the responsibility of keeping information accurate in actual encyclopedias. A truly interesting story will be told a thousand times over, even if it is factually all wrong. Cleopatra wasn’t Egyptian and Frankenstein is not the monster, but the creator.

Be sure to cross reference and check facts after you’ve heard an interesting piece of information. This way you will have an interesting story and always secure your credibility as a skilled information processor. And it definitely makes you ponder; did an apple really fall on Newton’s head?

Don’t trust everything you hear or read. Make sure you collect information from credible sources of content.

Use Pay-Per-Click Marketing for the Best Promotional Results

Whether you have already used or you are considering PPC advertisement, you should know all about this technique and how to best use it, as when used correctly, it can have a big impact on your business. An experienced digital marketing or SEO agency will offer you the best possible options for this advertising model.

Therefore, learning all about another great marketing method in order to empower your business or company is very wise and something everyone should do if they are looking to generate business and increase their online presence. In today’s world, all your competitors try to stay tuned with all the current marketing methods. You should not be left behind. Learn about the benefits and uses of PPC and how a good marketing agency can help you utilise this tool to generate the maximum ROI.

What is PPC?

Instead of being charged for every advertisement that an agency creates for you, whether this be online or print, you can save a lot of money with PPC advertising. The displayed ads appear only whenever a user searches for the specific goods or services, so you can target exactly who you want to see the ads. You will be charged only when a particular user clicks to your advertisement, so if a user doesn’t click, you won’t be charged. This means that the ad is there and can be seen by everyone, without even charging you. Only when the user actually clicks on it will you be charged.

How Does PPC Works?

It’s all about the desired click. Therefore, you, or the agency you have hired, should spend a lot of time researching in order to find the best keywords possible, and the ones that are most relevant to your product(s) or service(s). This will direct your ad to the very first results, and making the click through to your site a lot more possible. After finding the right keywords, you should categorise them accordingly to the proper campaigns. This will further increase the relevancy of your ad. Google likes relevancy, so your ad will be prioritised.

In the course of time, the better the ads, the less you are going to pay to search engines. This is why it is highly important to select the right marketers that will help you create the best PPC advertisements.

The Art of Keywords

Simple as it may sound, the success of a PPC ad depends on the right keywords. Finding the right keywords may be a time-consuming task, but in the long run it will certainly pay off. The words must be put in the correct order and group in order to bring the desired results.

This complicated bidding system aims to trigger the search engine and bring your ad at the top of each relevant search. This technique has so many different variables that it may be necessary to ask for the help of well-trained professional who knows all about PPC. This way, you will be able to get out all of what PPC has to offer.…