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The Secret System that Saves

Emergency Notification Systems are a new relevant way to provide important emergency information or upcoming events. Emergency notification systems can be used to help with many different emergencies for any urgency level. Furthermore, emergency notification systems have helped students on a campus feel safer and allowed information to swiftly move to all students as needed. There are also emergency medical systems which uses a similar notification system to help with medical emergencies. This systematic way of providing information to a mass group of individuals to provide safe information can be used in many different ways and can even help companies keep employees safe which is very beneficial. These are just some of the many reliable ways that emergency notification systems can be used. There are also companies like Singlewire that can provide you with your own notification system to make sure you can keep yourself and others safe or informed.

Emergency Notification systems at Universities

Emergency Notification systems have played a key role in keeping students safe throughout the years. Ever since the Clery Act of 1990 universities are required to disclose crime and incidents on a school campus so the public can know the safety issues every university may have. In order to protect students, universities must learn how to make sure everyone notices mass messages and that students have a fast response time. According to research done by Wencui Han, Serkan Ada, Raj Sharman and H. Raghav Rao(2015), “The results from this study suggest that subjective norm and information quality trust are, in general, the most important factors that promote immediate compliance(p.909).” Moreover, this means building trust by providing quality information and making it a social norm to pay attention to emergency notifications can keep many students safe that would not be otherwise.

Emergency Medical Systems

Emergency notification systems that are used in the medical field are known as emergency medical systems. These are used to help emergency personnel have the right equipment and information if they are racing to transfer a patient. These notifications can mean life or death if the right information is not given to the right individuals. Furthermore, this has allowed research on how reliable these systems are. According to the Journal of Healthcare Engineering (2017),” the designed system was found to be efficient and effective as its reliability stood within 62.7% to 70.0% while its availability stood at 99% with a downtime of 3.65 days/year.” This is a great point to be at in 2017 just imagine how much vital information was missed in the past before the first text message.

How else can this be used?

Not knowing how important these notification systems can be can prevent many from noticing how to stay safe or be aware in many different types of situations. For example, it can also be used to keep people safe at work, focusing on weight loss, or looking to stay on schedule for reproductive health. Now, being so interconnected throughout our modern society there is no reason we keep each other safe and notified no matter the urgency.

Quickbooks Inventory Management Is an Exceptional Way to Monitor Inventory and Purchases

Tracking inventory is both vital and tedious work. The majority of the administrative work can be handled with an inventory management system. This basically places a portion of the business on autopilot. This system is a software application to update inventory as the business makes sales and ships the items. The supply is monitored in real time so purchases from manufacturers and wholesalers can be monitored. This helps increase the cash flow. Inventory management improvements are important and help the company in three different ways.

QuickBooks inventory management saves time. Hours spent tracking and auditing the inventory are eliminated because the system keeps track of the inventory. Costs are reduced because the 16.5 percent of inventory lost due to paperwork and administrative errors are eliminated along with expensive audits. Sales and purchasing decisions are improved with real time data. The popular products and slow sellers are easy to see. The right system is dependent on the business. The property carried by a real estate investor is very different than the smartphones being sold by a tech company or the perishable goods sold by a bakery. Strategic decisions can be made in each case because the individuals in charge know which products are going out or coming in.

One of the most important aspects of supply chain management is inventory management. The supply chain includes every step necessary for a raw material to become a finished product. The majority of businesses do not completely control their supply chain. Most begin by outsourcing to a third party. Analyzing the supply chain often improves costs. Improvements can be made in everything from inventory management to choosing manufacturers. The challenges faced by companies offering perishable goods are unique due to the short shelf life. They are difficult to sell if left sitting too long. These businesses have to be proactive and remove any items too close to the expiration date. For more information visit this site.

Some inventory is difficult to differentiate or categories such as the different bearings carried by auto part distributors. It is incredibly complicated to use a spreadsheet for more than a couple dozen SKU’s and many carry several thousand types. A seasonal business is challenged because most people wait until the last minute to place an order for a holiday such as Mother’s Day or Thanksgiving. This makes it more difficult to remain in control of the inventory. One of the most important aspects of serving the customer is the inventory. For additional details please visit here.

An inventory management system should remove any guesswork from the company. There are many considerations as to what the right system for the business requires. Automatic reordering enables businesses to create PO’s automatically for vendors when specific items run low. This means the items can be reviewed prior to committing to a purchase. Integrations make inventory management simpler and easier. Real time dashboards provide important information and data. It is important for the business to figure out which components are most important for the company.

Making Use of a Classroom Communication App

As a teacher, you want to keep everyone on board of changes to schedules and assignments. Unfortunately, in the past, the only option that you had was to send out emails. The problem with emails when it concerns your classroom is that you’re talking to one student at a time, and they might not even check their emails regularly because it’s not integrated into their mobile app. This is the reason so many teachers and classrooms are switching to what is known as Class Dojo, which is a classroom communication app.

What is a Classroom Communication App?

The app acts similar to a chat room, but it is specific to the classroom. This makes it a safe and comfortable environment for students to talk about assignments, get help from teachers and speak with one another about different school-related activities. The app is continuously monitored to ensure that rules are not being broken and that teachers are on board with the students asking the questions.

Why You Need It

The reason you need this type of app is because it’s mobile-based, making it effortless for students of all ages to make use of while on the go. They will receive alerts on their phones and tablets if a chat session is happening and when they need to speak with a teacher. This prevents the confusion of sending emails and hoping that the students are seeing them. Plus, the app is safe and monitors regularly for profanity and other problems that might come as a result of students having access to a live chat room. Students can be banned from using the program if they are found to be breaking these rules.

How to Use

The program is integrated into your student’s mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. This means that they do not have to purchase a program on their own or download an app from a store. Once integrated, your student will be prompted to create a username and password to have full access to the chat room. You will then receive an alert for when a student is asking a question or otherwise needs help.

Finding the Right Program

There are tons of communication programs available, so you need to look for one specific to classrooms. These programs make it effortless for students to have a clean and safe environment among other students and their teachers. These programs are relatively inexpensive and can fit into most classroom budgets.

Integrating It Into Your Classroom

The best way for you to integrate it into your classroom is through Bluetooth technology. You should also save a few minutes to teach your students how to make use of this brand-new program so that they can be sure it is being used correctly. If you do not teach them enough, you’ll notice that they are not using the chat feature as often as they should or as often as they would like to use it.

3 Examples Of Future Current Construction Technology

As the saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it; there’s still a lot who are skeptical about moving forward regarding technological advancement, especially in the construction industry. That’s one of the few reasons that there’s still a good number of construction companies relying on manual data entry, spreadsheets, and paperwork.

If these companies would only realize the benefits they can enjoy the use of technology; chances are, they will slowly be accepting this with open arms.

Futuristic and current technology isn’t just a trend or toy, they’re something that could make the job site more efficient and safer. They are known for modernizing current processes and help a company remain competitive, with minimal chances of being left behind. All that is needed to be done is look for ways on how to implement this into your strategy.

That said, allow us to discuss the three examples of future and current construction technology.

1. Cloud-Based Digital Collaboration

The construction industry is one of the few industries where accuracy is critical– especially with project plans. However, doing this manually doesn’t fully guarantee that it would be free from any mistakes. Fortunately, with cloud-based digital collaboration, it has become easier to manage projects.

As projects become more complicated, and the project teams become more diverse, the use of a single cloud-based collaboration platform has become possible. This allows real-time sharing of relevant information even while on the go.

Aside from that, workflows are also digitized, and project teams could quickly and efficiently work on their tasks, ranging from document reviews, contract administration, and many more. Indeed, with this kind of technology, stakeholders will be able to make ROI driven decisions that would lead to better outcomes.

2. 5D BIM

We are all familiar with 3D BIM, but the future of the construction industry has more to offer. No doubt about that as BIM continues to be in demand. It’s currently a $2.5-billion software market and keeps on growing every year.

Despite that, this technological innovation has received mixed reviews– some praise it, and some don’t, rest assured that the next generation, which would be the 5D technology, is something that would bring a remarkable change in the market– not only in the design phase. In fact, with 5D BIM, project owners and the contractor could now manage spatial design with ease, while being able to pull critical cost and schedule information.

Furthermore, unlike traditional models, 5D BIM also can deliver more accurate results, especially when appropriately implemented. It could mitigate risks and resolve the problem before it even arises.

3. IoT

From construction equipment, wearables, speed bumps, and anything in between, chances are, it’s already embedded with IoT technology. IoT technology is one of our current technological advances that capture forms of project data in real time.

It allows equipment to communicate with one another through wireless technology, and the data can also be gathered from equipment and machinery in traffic equipment like orange cones. By being able to capture this critical information, project managers would be able to analyze the project plan even more. The beautiful thing is that this technology continues to evolve, and we’ll see more of this in the future.

Amazing Capabilities of Field Management Software

Why bother with completing manual tasks when there is automated software that can make the job more natural and less complicated? If your company provides services at client’s location, then you’ll need the top field service management software products in the market. You might be considering that your firms shift to technologically advanced systems isn’t necessary at all. The current system works why change? Well, it could work even better. Manual methodologies are great, but they end up wasting a lot of time and resources. With a field service management software, you automate most tasks that commonly completed on paper like setting up proper payment procedures as well as increasing the efficacy of communication between the office and technicians.

What Features Does It Have?

Keeping it simple is the best resolution. Although implementation of field service management software is worth it, the system installation ought to ease operations and place less burden on the employees. This software is mostly for contractors and field workers. Managers and customers also acquire some beneficial effects, mostly spill over. Some of the critical features of the field service management software are:

Instant Alerts and Communication: If one of your staff takes a lunch break and they leave the customer’s site, you’ll know about it. It is a more relaxed and more efficient mechanism for delivering faster data from the field to the technician. It is a two-way communication channel; you can also deliver relevant messages to your field workers. Map Integration: Don’t even waste your time struggling with standard navigation routes, the field service management software has an automated map feature. Drop your appointment destination and get a simple detailed guide.

Digitizing Data: You no longer need to deal with cumbersome paperwork, your staff can update their labor hours, material usage and many more from the site. A field management software possesses a customizable dashboard that staff can alter according to their screen interface. It allows them to complete their jobs more efficiently. All information is always available in a cloud that is accessible through digital devices. Once everything is updated, your field staff can even check job schedules and stock updates remotely.

How Can the Software Benefit Your Firm?

The software’s fundamental effect are mostly felt between the three interactive parties in a business transaction; the staff, managers, and customer. You acquire real-time visibility of your technician’s operations while at the field. Gives you the capability of reacting rapidly to technician’s requests like sending dispatches and getting the most accurate data. Job scheduling becomes easier since it is completed via software. The company can automatically schedule appointments. Implementing the software at your business increases operations efficacy since your workforce and relevant data is always integrated. An increase in efficiency cuts down on your firm’s costs. This is applicable via reduction of movement expenses for delivery and receipt of manual records, dispatching and scheduling of resources and updating the billing data. Your clients are also more satisfied with your service delivery. A field service management software makes tracking and serving clients easier. Your field workers can gain access to their history and location which means faster service.

With so many services getting automated today, it is just a matter of time before those firms that fail to implement newer and technologically advanced software loose business to their competitors. Don’t be among this demographic, implement field service management software to ease up your operations.

Help Stop Man caused Wi-Fi Warming.

D.E. is causing rampant, out of control Wi-Fi warming and if it isn’t stopped soon; the cyber world will become uninhabitable! Digitally speaking of course. The causes of D.E. are many, and it’s becoming a concern to many enterprise operations. “What’s ‘D.E.’?” you say? On iPhones it’s called “Preferred Network Offload” or “PNO”. Microsoft refers to it as “Wi-Fi Network List Offload” or “NLO”. To those who loath acronyms; (Courage Camille!) It will be referred to as “D.E.” anyway despite any animosity. With more and more employees using personal mobile devices to connect to company networks, the information that is automatically collected by the device can also be covertly collected by a human (if you can call a criminal hacker a human that is). When a personal mobile device has Wi-Fi enabled it’s collecting and broadcasting stuff that you probably don’t want others to know about. If this comes as news to you don’t fret. Industry leading security software is at the ready to put an end to this invisible menace.

With hackers continuously devising ways to exploit vulnerabilities in electronics, the “Yin” to that “Yang” is focused on stopping them; i.e. security software developers. The powerful weapons developed by these experts are formidable and continuously evolving. The Digital Exhaust  issue has brought to light some concerns as to how they may be used to gather information that could in turn be used in nefarious ways. The security professionals know this. A constant full-frontal attack is what combating security threats is all about and failure is not an option. Award winning solutions are being written and implemented in an ongoing effort to help those who cannot help themselves. The cyber-security experts are the heroes to all enterprise businesses. Having top notch cyber-weapons locked and loaded to keep hacks out of your network is a good thing.
However, having a good program in place to keep your staff up to date on security best practices is an excellent protocol to have in place at any business. It’s always a combined effort that succeeds to the highest degree. Staying vigilant and aware of the threats goes a long way to avoiding them altogether and is every bit as important as having a security app installed. The two together are a powerful combo. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to stay focused when accessing private or public wireless networks. It should be the same mindset as putting on your seat belt when driving.

The wide-open nature of the Internet and the World Wide Web has given rise to a security business model which is necessary. The best of the best is there to make sure that simple surfing on any network doesn’t become and arena of vulnerability for the hacker to take advantage of. The bad Apples will always be out there; we know this and it’s unfortunate. However, there will always be the Digital Knights in shining armor too.

Appreciate Technology and Its Inventors

Nowadays technology has made it possible for anything to happen. According to, for the first time an actual robot was used to perform an eye surgery. Eye surgery requires extreme precision and by using this robot, the robot was able to achieve more accuracy to remove membrane growth on the retina. Even the most skilled doctors make mistakes and commonly cut too deep in the eye causing other eye issues. By using the robot, they were able to achieve more accuracy because the robot is programmed to make accurate, fine and precise cuts. Years ago, we never imagined that doctors would allow a robot to take their place in serious surgeries. It is important that we acknowledge the importance of technology and how it helps human beings today. Technology could be the reason that someone lives or dies. Appreciate technology and its creative inventors by supporting them in their research in any way possible.

There are many ways to support technology and its creative inventors. One of the ways to support technology is by funding. According to, they believe that invention is power and that we need to help the next generation by inspiring and enabling which could lead to helping the economy as well as other countries around us. There are many different research groups out there that don’t have the necessary funds they need to continue their research in advanced technology. You do not have to spend a fortune donating money that you do not have. But what you can do is find out what groups out there are in need and you can help with hosting fundraisers or getting the word out somehow. Get creative and find ways to help inventors receive the funding they need. As you can see, there has been such an amazing advancement in our technology today. From robots assisting doctors in surgery, to robots being able to diagnose diseases and cancers within minutes, the list continues to grow of all the things that technology has allowed humans to do.

Human beings heavily rely on technology and the inventions that man has created. For example, the invention of the light bulb. Can you imagine life without light? Can you imagine living in your home with a bunch of old fashioned candles everywhere? Life has evolved so much over the past decades it is truly amazing. There have even been inventions of having temperature-controlled coffee mugs that we can control all from our smartphone. The technology continues to advance as every years passes. Try looking up this Inc article about inventors. You will find so many different articles on how much technology has advanced and what they have done. You will be amazed on how much you think you know that you do not know.

Again, technology has been the reason that many Americans are even alive today. We need to realize that human beings heavily rely on technology to be great and to be better. Without technology, we would not be able to perform a lot of the things we do now.