Users terrorized, Qlue Share Tips Checks Safely

Qlue, social media application that offers features to help people communicate with the public or private that the public interest was not always greeted positively.

According to reports circulating in this application, it turns out there are a number of parties who do not like the way through Qlue reporting.

Some cases are even doing a direct confrontation with the complainant. The anonymous source said, there are more than 10 cases that reveal Qlue users have terrorized or intimidated by the reported party.

When contacted Tekno, CEO Qlue Rama Raditya said that it can not be sure what kind of case. In this case, Qlue actually only provides applications to connect residents with local authorities or communities.

Nevertheless, he said that in fact there are several ways of reporting in order to avoid unwanted things. The first way is to make sure the condition of the village that will be reported. That is, as far as possible recognize the complainant reported the village area.

“Reporting should ensure conditions of villages which will be reported in advance. As much as possible, to know the real problem around the village, because each region would have its own problems,” he said.

Ensuring the conditions around the time of reporting has also become more important points. Another way is also important to avoid reporting on sensitive. Where possible, users should not upload issues that are sensitive in nature.

“Sometimes there are reported with a provocative tone, should avoid such a manner to prevent unwanted things,” he continued.

However, he said any such case is not supposed to make users Qlue be reluctant to report. Therefore, this platform was created to bring a change in society. If there is a problem in an area, the concerned parties is expected to be more open.

“Qlue made to invite the community to actively build and bring changes in the surroundings. Therefore, related parties is expected to be more receptive to the report and not consider it as a threat,” said the man graduated from Strayer University.…

Student Muhammadiyah II Pontianak Indonesia Discover Smoke Detectors Tools Karhutla

Kalimantan Barat proud to have Saffana Rizqi Qinthara, 11. Saffana is one of 18 finalists Kalbe Junior Scientist Award met with President Joko Widodo at the State Palace, Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

Elementary School sixth grade students Muhammadiyah II Pontianak, West Kalimantan, is the name of the Earth’s Equator to the scientific work which he created to prevent forest fires and land.

In the midst of disaster smog that blanketed much of West Kalimantan region of forest fires and land, Saffana come and provide a glimmer of hope. Students of this genius is the inventor of scientific detectors land and forest fires.

Saffana finding tool was called “Smoke Detectors Equipment Land and Forest Fires”. This tool was to attract the attention of President Jokowi in the middle of the forest and land fire events that occurred in West Kalimantan, as well as parts of Borneo and Sumatra.

President Jokowi also had a dialogue with the students of this genius in the meeting. Termasuklah with Saffana, son of the couple Ervan Judiarto, ST, MT and Hilda Judiarto, ST, MT, it is. In fact, Saffana plainly explain how the tool works on these findings. This tool is simply finding new and needs further development.

However, efforts to Saffana this at least gives hope to prevent land and forest fires that occur every year in West Kalimantan.

Suratno, Supervising Teacher Saffana, explained, the President was very interested in the tool “Smoke Detection Equipment Land and Forest Fires” created by the Saffana.

“As it happens again booming (karhutla) in Kalimantan and Sumatra, so it was so interesting. Finally, children (finalists) including Saffana also interviewed the president about our discovery tool “Smoke Detection Equipment Land and Forest Fires”, “Ratno said when contacted JPNN, Thursday (10/9).

The head of state is responding to this Saffana findings. Therefore, Saffana called to the podium to explain these findings.

“He really respect especially now is the perfect moment,” said Ratno who is also Professor of Computer SD Muhammadiyah 2 this Pontianak.

Ratno explained, this tool was created because seeing forest fires occur every year. The tool was deliberately created to be installed in the forest. The tool contains a wide variety of devices. Among others, the main thing is the smoke sensor.

Then there IC to generate a signal that could lead to sound the alarm. At the moment there is smoke across the tool, then the existing alarm will sound. All the devices were stored in a casing that is made in such a way to protect from rain and heat.

“So it is a box-shaped casing and it does not matter,” said Ratno. “It’s still sederharna. However, I’ll still be developed further, “he added.

According Ratno, these findings will continue to be developed further with combinations of other tools. So that later can be used and useful for detecting forest fires and land.

For example, later in the development of alarm is replaced by a siren so that when the tool is stored in the forest voice can be heard further if there is smoke. “It can be replaced later in the development of a siren,” he said.…

The Essentials of Services – Revisited

Should You Hire a Pro for Deck Staining?

If you could recall the time your house was built, the building contractor might have told you about how important it is for your wooden deck to be maintained regularly. This is quite true if you are located in an area where summer months are warmer than others. Maintenance in this regard means that your deck needs to be re-stained and sealed at least once every few years. Should you ignore this job of maintaining your deck, the wood will easily get warped by the hot sun and eventually shortens the life of the deck.

In some instances, homeowners who consider themselves as do-it-yourself enthusiasts are more than willing to do the job on their own. At first, it looks like it’s as convenient as spending an hour in the hardware store purchasing a sealant and new stain and then putting on your DIY working gear. While there is some truth to the notion that everyone can do this type of job, you should be reminded that it actually will consume a lot of your time.

Therefore, it should make perfect sense if you consider hiring a professional to do the staining and sealing of your deck, the obvious purpose of which is to save you time and hassle of doing it while you’ve got a lot on your plate. There’s no blaming you if you believe you want to instead avoid spending money to pay a pro to do it. But by the time the job is done, you will eventually realize it is all worth paying for. Staining and sealing services are a specialty for several companies and contractors out there and the very purpose of their existence is to make life a lot more convenient for the homeowner.
What You Should Know About Decks This Year

Remember that the cost for staining and sealing your wooden deck will depend on its size. For the most part, the deck’s size is the primary determining factor on figuring out how big the work is needed. As such, it makes perfect sense to first determine the size of your deck or patio that needs to be stained and sealed before you begin searching for a company or contractor to hire.
Learning The “Secrets” of Restorations

The most salient advantage of having professionals work the maintenance on your wooden deck is that they work with utmost efficiency. As a matter of fact, they might be able to finish it half the time you’re expected to get it done. And while they’re working on your home, you get to spend your time doing something else more valuable.

One other benefit of hiring a pro is that you expect the kind of work they do is going to last long. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about doing staining and sealing once again for the next couple of years.…

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How to Evaluate an Online Singing Institution

Singing is always lovely, beautiful and amazing, you need to be able to have a singing talent to be able to sing, some who do very well actually have taken it upon themselves to being bold enough and trying it in front of other people, so doing, you get to find that you can build up some courage thus making you better at it. Some get to look for training so that they can be able to gain courage and also make sure that they can be able to have great vocals, it is actually a great idea since you can be able to sing and also be able to participate in other jobs.

To find a great school or tutor, it would be great getting to try out some online classes, so doing will make sure that you can be able to fit the classes into your schedule; likewise, these classes will require less effort thus giving you the psyche to try them out. Therefore, at no given time will you miss your classes, since you will be able to always communicate with your tutor from time to time, it will be much easier to plan your schedule and also get to know what it is that will be required of you, you get to find that you will be able always to make plans and also get to conduct your classes.

Looking for the best online institution will require you to find one that will be able to provide you with quality services, an institution in which you can be able to get satisfied with the services being provided; therefore, you will find that you can be able to know more since you are using the internet to conduct your entire evaluation and also for the classes. More so, you find that the entire evaluation process will become much easier, meaning, you will be able to learn more about the institution since you are using the internet, likewise, to will make the process easier since you can be ale to know of the feedback of other people to the way the institution conducts its services.
Learning The Secrets About Websites

After getting to find the right institution for you, get to make sure that you do know what will be required, so doing will ensure that you do not get to be left out, likewise, you will be able to know more information on when the classes are set to commence thus being able to prepare yourself in advance. More so, you should get to look for the fees that are needed thus being able to ensure that you find the one that charges reasonable prices and will also be able to provide you with quality services. A Brief Rundown of Services

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Process Mapping Software: Do You Need One?

Process maps are generally one of the very first procedures in any sort of process modification venture. Meant to get down precisely how a method performs in a image form, process maps outline the way in which a technique performs, gradually, thus it can be easy to determine possibilities for growth.

Anybody with a colored pencil, sticky notes and a handful of cardstock can produce a perfectly suitable process roadmap. The advantages of this kind of approach are distinct: virtually no IT required, instant involvement with others in a class, and you may get as ingenious as you really like with your pictures.

So, does a business absolutely need a strategy mapping program?

As it is with all reliable consultant reactions, the reply is: it varies. If you’re thinking about whether you might want to invest in procedure mapping software program for your task advancement squad, here are a few points to make it easier to decide.

What way do you want to utilize the operation maps?

If you need the chart to be a technique that can develop ultimately and is often beneficial to the workforce when they carry out their procedures, you may find that a lot more innovative process mapping software tool is effective. To illustrate, some process mapping software packages provide linking with document management systems so that folks have accessibility to just about any documents they might require to carry out a system. Other process mapping software, can help in process improvement itself by helping to assign and track what needs to be changed to individuals or teams. As such, some software vendors position themselves as helping to facilitate an improvement culture or “Kaizen” by acting as a communication platform to make the process transparent to everyone and facilitate its improvement.

Who needs to observe the practice maps? And how?

This will be clear through your previous answer. Do you desire all staff members to be capable to speedily log on and obtain ways to do something? Is this a thing that only senior supervision has to look at? Or could it be accumulating debris in an overcast corner of your business?

The variety of computer software you’ll want to make use will be different significantly subject to who will need to have accessibility to the details. If it’s a thing that you wish all employees to be in a position to view and pick up, an even more dependable course of action mapping solution with collaboration attributes may very well be what you’re on the lookout for. Alternatively, in case the aim is to feature images for senior management, a simple drawing apparatus will do.

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How Vida Divina Can Help You To Achieve Your Goals

Vida Divina is a company that strives to improve the quality of its customers. It offers numerous health and nutrition products that are intended to assist an individual to lead a healthy lifestyle as well as experience financial independence. In addition, while working for Vida Divina, you will be able to set the ceiling for the income that you earn.

Therefore, the greatest advantage of working for Vida is that you will increase the amount of money that you earn. Therefore, while you might have another job, you can still work with Vida Divina. While for an office job where the level of your salary is set on your behalf, in the case of Vida Divina, you are the one that has complete control. Remember that unless you get a promotion in a corporate job, your salary is likely to remain the same for many years.

On the other hand, with network marketing firms, you are the one that will determine the amount of income that you will earn. That means that there are huge benefits of working with Diva Divina. As you go one gaining more experience, you will realize that you will become better in your work and hence earn more money. While you might believe that you are a good marketer, it is very important that you continue to learn the latest methods of advertising a product.
Why not learn more about Services?

The other benefit of becoming a member of Vida Divina is that you work from anywhere. Also, your working hours will be convenient and flexible, unlike the normal office hours. The benefits has enable many employees to work even out of the office.
The Key Elements of Great Wellness

That means that you do not have to worry in case you do not have an office to work from. The only requirements that you will need to include a computer, a mobile phone as well as Internet. These items are essential in running your company from any location globally. While you might be in a different nation, you can still distribute the Vida Divina products to customers that are located in a different country.

Being inspired is very essential in any job as it will push you to work harder. Your motivation will impact the amount of money that you make from working with Vida Divina. In order to ensure that you are more motivated, it is best that you write down the goals that you aim to achieve in the coming few years. Since it is very easy to lose your motivation, make sure that you set goals that you hope to achieve.

If you are committed, you will be able to work every day and for long hours despite having the freedom to work at any time that you want. Therefore, make sure that you take your work seriously and put extra effort into it.…

News For This Month: Wellness

All Praises to Vida Divina!

Health products such as tea, coffee, capsules and more are just some of the many amazing items one can buy from Vida Divina. This company that uses networking strategy is gradually working your its way up in the corporate steps of success is a resource of not simply 50 but greater than 200 patents allocated around the globe. It is also known in the field of entrepreneurship as an income-generating small business that can enable an individual to help share the wonderful effects it does to the body by utilizing its healthy merchandise.

Vida Divina Corporation permits curious folks, whether young adults or older people, to use their stamina and competencies to make known the corporation’s name to the different regions of the whole wide world. A person can merely generate funds by just conversing about the goods produced and what improvements one was able to observe with basically its ongoing consumption. This specific corporation not only provides opportunity to interested users to manage their health, but also serves as a program that enhances the customer’s ability to deal with people while working and then enjoying a better lifestyle for themselves as well.

How do we work? Vida Divina Products are currently being developed by the finest professionals of the subject of Health Sciences and its remedies. Nutrition experts and scientists function side by side in developing specific combinations that the men and women will need to be able to survive longer in this earth. Exclusive recipes are examined and thoroughly created to enable our systems to triumph over the several stresses the existing community frequently presents us. Even medications for an individual’s beauty routine which are produced and distributed, are created using “super foods” that replenishes the the damage done to the body’s nutritional requirements. A total arrangement of vitamin supplements and products that are natural and chemical free are also branded by such company. From coffee to cosmetics, all treats for the population, both young and old, can avail of these offers to start the way to a healthier way of living.
Smart Ideas: Services Revisited

On top of that, a method to a wealthier way of living too can be accomplished by the help of such enterprise. An option to make a beneficial sum of cash can be supplied by Vida Divina! A simple way known as the compensation program is developed by the company to those interested to use and sell the products. Let’s take for example an entrepreneur who closed a deal, commission rates as high as 70% can be given and enjoyed solely by the seller with regards to a certain product. This is just one of the numerous giveaways a Vida Divina rep can acquire that will undoubtedly direct the road to great accomplishment in both well being and profession.Discovering The Truth About Sales

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The Steps When It Comes to Choosing a Good MLM Company

So you have made the decision that you want to go for a network marketing or an MLM company. You must read all of the information that you find in the literature regarding how good is the marketing plan and that this should be endorsed by those who are recognized in the business arena. But, now you are not very sure about what company you should go for. Get to know what are the things that you must take into account when searching for a company which is much better than the other.

You have to understand that when you are interested about joining an MLM company, you will be able to find a traffic jam of network marketers who are also interested about signing you up. But, if you are going to sign on the dotted line, what would you get? Know that not all MLM companies are the same. They would differ in their compensation plans to the training and there are various things that you have to know as well. Here are the things that you must take into account.

You need to have a great idea on the product that you must market. You should know that you are going to sell a product and you will be selling this through word of mouth. Know that the product must be something that you truly believe in. You need to ask yourself if you are interested in the product. Are you interested in buying it if you are not the seller? Moreover, you must know if there is also a demand for it and if such is also of a high quality. Get to know if the company is really able to stand behind their products.
Getting Creative With Health Advice

It is also imperative that you get to know the price of the product. You should know if the price is actually fair as well as reasonable. How is this going to compare to the price of the same products that you are going to find in the market? Are you able to find a discount which is available to you as a distributor? Are you able to make money through the product?
Short Course on Health – What You Should Know

So that you can join an MLM company, you would be required to become a member or distributor of some kind. You will also be required to invest in order to do this. You have to know how much it would cost to be a business builder in the company that you wish to go for. Do they provide various levels of entry? You should know what you get for all of the investment that you have. Get to know if there are training materials or products.

So many of the MLM companies would need some type of personal products to buy so that you will be considered a distributor or business builder. Get to know its cost per month. Would be allowed to pick what you want or are you only sent an auto shipment of products that they would like you to purchase?…